How to Properly Maintain your AC Unit for Optimal Performance

The summer heat is in full swing, and it’s more important than ever to ensure your AC unit is properly maintained for optimal performance. Many people need to realize that there are simple things they can do themselves to keep their AC unit running smoothly. This blog post will outline some essential tips for maintaining your AC unit. Keep reading for more information!

Check the air filter monthly

Regularly checking and replacing the air filter in your AC unit is one of the most important tasks you can perform to maintain optimal performance. A dirty air filter reduces system efficiency, increases energy consumption, and will reduce the lifespan of the entire unit. Look for filters that have high minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV) ratings. These filters will capture more particles and debris, such as pet hair, dust mites, and pollen. For optimal performance, change or clean your filter every month. And if you have pets, then make sure to check it every two weeks. Doing this will go a long way toward keeping your AC unit running efficiently and effectively, saving you money in the long run.

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Clean the coils monthly

Summer is in full swing and with the heat come higher electricity bills. One way to help keep those bills down is to ensure your AC unit is running as efficiently as possible. Below are a few tips on how to maintain your AC unit for optimal performance.

One of the simplest ways to keep your AC running efficiently is to clean the coils monthly. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the coils and prevent them from cooling properly. You can either clean the coils yourself or have a professional do it for you.

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Inspect the ductwork annually

Inspecting your air conditioning unit’s ductwork is an important measure to ensure your cooling system runs at optimal performance. Check any visible sections of the ducts for cracks, dirt, or water damage. If you have a central AC system, check the registers as well. These are typically located on walls and ceilings in every room throughout your home. Cleaning the registers regularly can help ensure that air circulates properly and efficiently. Additionally, if you notice any condensation on the ducts or registers, have a professional come out to inspect it right away as this could be a sign of improper installation or an issue with your cooling system.

And lastly, if your unit does not seem to be cooling as well as it used to or if you are experiencing any strange smells coming from the vents, call a professional right away. These are signs of an underlying issue that can cause serious damage and costly repairs down the line if left unchecked.  Regular maintenance is key in keeping your AC unit running smoothly and efficiently. By following the tips in this article, you can help ensure that your cooling system runs optimally for a long time to come. 

Replace the batteries in the thermostat yearly

Replacing the batteries in the thermostat is an important part of maintaining your AC unit for optimal performance. Doing so ensures that your thermostat remains accurate and that you can control the temperature efficiently. It is generally recommended to replace the batteries once a year, but it may be more often if your thermostat runs on old or low-quality batteries.

In addition to replacing the batteries, it is important to make sure your thermostat is not placed in direct sunlight or near any heat sources. Doing so can cause inaccurate readings, leading to your AC unit working harder than necessary and wasting energy.

Schedule an annual tune-up

Scheduling an annual tune-up for your air conditioning unit is essential to keeping it in optimal condition. A professional technician can inspect and clean the system, as well as check for any potential problems. This helps identify and address any issues before they become major repairs, which can save you money in the long run. During a tune-up, the technician will also check and adjust all the components, lubricate parts as needed, and test for optimal performance.

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Keep the area around the AC unit clear

In addition to a tune-up, it’s important to replace or clean the air filters on a regular basis. Clogged or dirty air filters can make your unit work harder than necessary, resulting in higher energy bills and reduced efficiency. Air filters should be checked every few months and replaced when needed.

Summertime is the perfect time to break out the Ac unit and keep cool. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your Ac unit runs smoothly and keeps you cool all summer long. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the area around the Ac unit clear. Make sure there is plenty of space for air to circulate so the unit can do its job properly.

Another thing to consider is keeping the Ac unit clean. Dust and dirt can build up over time and cause the unit to run less efficiently. Finally, be sure to change your Ac filter regularly. A dirty filter will reduce the airflow and make the unit work harder than it needs to, resulting in higher energy costs.

Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an effective way to save energy and money with your air conditioning unit. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature of your home at different times of the day so that when you are away or sleeping, the temperature is lower than during peak use hours. Lowering the temperature by just a few degrees can save up to 10% of your monthly cooling costs.

Additionally, since most people are not in their homes during the day, a programmable thermostat can help reduce wear and tear on the system by not running as much. Setting up a programmable thermostat is easy and requires minimal effort to save money. Simply set the temperature you want for each time period, and the thermostat will do the rest. Set it and forget it. Your air conditioning unit will thank you for it!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to properly maintaining your AC unit for optimal performance, knowledge is key. Learning about the various components of an air conditioning system and how they operate will help you make better decisions when it comes time to maintain or repair. Regular maintenance should be done annually and can go a long way in preventing breakdowns and expensive repairs.

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